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I read in the Boston Globe today about these wonderful cookies called Thumbprint Cookies. I actually always liked them, but never actually knew what they were called. So, after reading the recipe, I decided to just go for it.

The recipe is simple enough, but somewhere along the line, it went horribly wrong. I took one bit out of one cookie, and B took another bite out of another one, and I made a horrible looking face. The entire batch ended up in the trash can. I feel defeated. The stuff just had no flavor whatsoever! It was just awful.

I really really would like to learn how to make them, but what happened with mine was that they totally fell apart. I couldn't even make the indentation in the middle to put the jam in! It's so sad.

My SIL's SIL apparently has a good recipe for some decent thumbprint cookies that she's going to inquire about. Hopefully, I will try them, and they will be good.

(PS: Image from Simply Recipes)


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