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I am now a citizen!

On September 17, Citizenship Day, I became a US citizen. I am a full-fledged 'merican now. All the pics, etc. can be found here:

About a year ago, I became inspired by hearing one of Obama's speeches, and decided that I would like to vote for him in the upcoming election. Little did I know about everything that would happen in what has become the Election Circus.

I am still glad I went ahead and applied, and got sworn in. It's one less thing to worry about. And, I get to vote, become a city council commissioner, and have an American passport. Also, I get to apply for Fulbright fellowships, which would be great.

So, that's the big news.

Now... If only I get my dissertation going.

I've always been fascinated by group behavior and social psychology. Experiments like the Stanford prison experiment, the Stanley Milgram obedience to authority experiment are alll excellent examples of herd mentality, and people's inane fear of being individuals and acting on what they think is right in the face of authority.

So, when I saw this experiment today, it just made me laugh out loud. Elevators are such uncomfortable places to begin with. I never know how to behave when someone else is in there, especially if that someone else is doing anything other than just standing there silently. The most uncomfortable is when a parent and child are fighting, or a couple is making out, or two people are "gossiping", etc. Very bizarre.

So, here's the fun video.

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